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Tuition Policy

Payment Methods

  • Lessons are organized in term blocks to coincide with the NSW public school terms and are usually, but not always, ten weeks in duration. Term dates will be specified on the Tuition Invoice. Lessons are not held on public holidays.

  • Fees for weekly one-to-one lessons are payable either a minimum of five weeks in advance or a maximum of ten weeks in advance.  Prospective students may attend one initial thirty-minute lesson at no charge before committing to enrolment.  Where payment for ten lessons is received by the due date specified on the Tuition Invoice a discount will be applied. Lesson fees are subject to change.

  • Group lessons must be paid for in advance to secure a place in the class.

  • Payment is accepted by cash, cheque, direct deposit or Creative Kids voucher.  

  • Any outstanding fees at the end of the term will result in tuition being terminated until full payment is received.  Appropriate action may be taken to recoup monies owed.


Non-attendance at Lessons

  • Individual lesson times are reserved exclusively for each student.  Lessons will only be rescheduled where prior notice is received of a student’s absence before 10am on the scheduled lesson day (for after-school lessons), or before 10pm on the previous day (for morning lessons), and only where a mutually convenient time can be arranged for the rescheduled lesson. 

  • A maximum of two make up lessons are allowed each term.  All make up lessons must be taken before the start of the next term.  Make up lessons may take place during the school holidays.  If a student does not attend a scheduled make up lesson, then that lesson is forfeited.

  • Missed group lessons are not made up.

  • Lesson fees are non-refundable.  Lesson credits will only be applied in exceptional circumstances (eg due to teacher absence).

  • Lesson times are organized on a strictly first-come, first-served basis.  If a change of lesson time is required, every effort will be made to reschedule to a mutually convenient time.  However, it may not be possible to find a suitable time at short notice.

  • In the event of a student discontinuing lessons, a minimum of three weeks’ written notice before the end of term would be appreciated.


General Information

  • Parents will be kept informed of their child’s progress via their Music Practice Diary.  Please check this diary each week to see practice requirements. Regular attendance at lessons and regular practice are essential for satisfactory progress.  Frequent absences may result in the student’s lesson time or group place being forfeited. 

  • The nature of this tuition requires physical contact between the teacher and the student during lessons.  All tuition is conducted in compliance with the Child Protection (Working with Children) Act (NSW) 2012.  All teachers at Tara Williams Music have a Working with Children Check clearance by the NSW Office of the Children's Guardian.

  • Tara Williams Music reserves the right to vary this Tuition Policy from time to time.  Any variation to this policy will be communicated in writing with reasonable prior notice.

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